Sunday Craving: Yema

Woke up this morning, and started craving for Yema. Knowing that Yema, in ball form is now hard to find, I decided to make my own. 🙂

What is “Yema”? Yema, is a custard ball that is either coated with white sugar or caramelized sugar.

Ready to roll! 🙂

I prefer my yema rolled with white sugar because of that delicate crunch. 🙂


Flower Girl

Met this cute little girl during my cousin’s wedding. 🙂




What a cutiepie! 🙂

Lil’ Jordy

Took some photos of my nephew and played around with some photoshop tricks. 🙂

Hello lil’ Jordy! 🙂


Delos, Greece

After a pleasant walk around the town of Mykonos, my family and I hopped on a boat to go to Delos. It’s an uninhabited island near Mykonos, because the area of the island was mostly covered with historical ruins.

Ancient tile mosaics

Finally got myself a slice of the Greek version of Baklava. Nice and gooey! Mmmmm! 🙂

End-of-Summer Read

One more week before a new term of school starts again. So here’s my last hurrah, end-of-summer book list:

Mykonos, Greece

Half day tour of Mykonos, as a side trip. Despite Mykonos being known for its wild nightlife, I loved the beautiful morning stroll around this little town.

On my way to the restroom, I saw this Pelican just lounging around. Good thing he/she didn’t mind me taking his/her photo. 🙂

Pompeii, Italy

Here are a few snips from my visit to the old town ruins of Pompeii, which was destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius.

Walls with ash/lava residue.

A student sketching the ruins.

The arena.

Water fountain.

More ruins.

That’s all! 🙂